Your child’s health and safety are important to Arkansas Children’s. Help to make a difference in your child’s care by asking the right questions and being actively involved. Get tips to help prevent errors in your child's care. 

  • If we have washed our hands if you don’t see us do so.
  • To check your child’s ID band before giving any medication or doing any procedures.
  • If you think something is different in your child’s treatment or medications that you do not understand.
  • If you don’t understand what’s happening with your child.
  • About alarms going off or changes in your child’s condition.
  • If we know about your child’s allergies to any medicines and make sure the ACH Team places a red allergy band on your child.

Your Personal Safety

  • Wear your Parent ID Badge and wristband at all times to support ACH Security’s efforts to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the hospital.
  • Please do not sleep on the floor.
  • No guns, other weapons, alcohol or other illegal drugs are allowed on hospital property.
  • Overhead announcements are made to alert of possible danger; nursing staff will give you additional information about these codes and any actions you need to take, if any.
  • In accordance with state law, tobacco products and smoking are not allowed on ACH property.
  • Utilize Security to get to your car after hours.

Security Services

ACH Security staff is here for your protection and convenience. Lost and Found items are kept at the security office. Contact this staff on an ACH phone at ext. 44444. To call from a cell or outside phone, dial 501-364-4444.

  • Ask questions about new medications or treatments.
  • Make sure that your child wears their hospital identification band at all times.
  • Keep side rails up at all times.
  • Allow your child to sleep in the bed or crib alone due to the risk of suffocation or other injury.
  • Be sure that staff members with your child have an ACH picture badge.

Speak Up™: Kid Power!

This animated Speak Up™ video from the Joint Commission emphasizes that children have the right to ask questions and voice their concerns if they don’t understand something.

Speak Up™: Kid Power from The Joint Commission on Vimeo.