The first and most important thing we must do is prepare our families and homes for a disaster. If you are a victim of a disaster, you will not be able to work. And if your family is in danger or you are not sure of their safety, you will not be able to focus on your job. The best thing you can do as a healthcare provider, and a citizen is to take the time NOW to prepare yourself and your family for a disaster.

The following list of websites offer resources to help you in this effort.

Browse the resources below for tips and information on how to prepare for an earthquake.

When is the best time to learn about disasters, emergency management, bioterrorism, or the healthcare systems response to these? NOW. If you wait until a disaster strikes to learn about how to respond, you will miss your opportunity to participate. There are multiple excellent courses available for healthcare providers and the general population to learn about the language of disaster response, as well as the medical aspects of a disaster scenario. If you can’t decide where to start, look at the requirements for each of the volunteer organizations below.

Healthcare Provider Information and Classes

View a list of organizations that may benefit from disaster response volunteers.